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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Friendship ever!!~

is a promises made in heart,.



Unbreakable by distance,...

Unchangeable by time,....

Once a friend,. Forever a friend,..!!!

I have one of friend that i call MY BEST FRIENDS,.!~
Her full name is Noorhanyzah,. I just call her Bobot,.
She's the one that i have on my empty  life,. She;s always on beside me when i'm alone,. lonely,. either sadness,. Always be together when i'm on laughter and cries,.!~ But,we have a diffrent way aswell, shes' have a personal,. do i have too,. she have a career and me to,.Beside she is my idol for everthing that i've made,.. Strong and kind heart!!I just LOVE her,..
And she is apart of my heart,. and insya'Allah it's will be forever,.!!
My Heart List;
2. My Family
3. My Fiance/My Best Friend
4. My Life/My Self

BFF,. This is just for you;-

U know what,..?
I thank you

U know why,..?
Coz u are the best

U know how,..?
With your own simple ways, u making me feel special

U know when,..?
Since the day we become FRIEND!!

Thank you very much!!:)

As u go to bed to nite,..
i Ordered NENEK KEBAYAN to guard you tight,..

I told some POCONG,..
to dance in white,..To make sure alright

to kiss u nite,.!!~

Muachssssssssssssssssssss geng's,.

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